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(LSIB3-STED) Leica TCS SP8 laser scanning confocal and Stimulated Emission Depletion (STED) system


  • Super-resolution system based on laser scanning confocal with donut-shped depletion lasers.
  • White light laser (full spectra of 470-670 nm excitation lines) and 405 nm individual laser line.
  • Spectral scanner and high-speed resonant scanner.
  • 10x air, 20x air, 60x water and 100x oil objective lenses.
  • PMT and Leica HyD high-sensitivity detector.
  • High-precision z-galvo stage.
  • 592 nm and 660 nm STED depletion laser lines.
  • Time-gating STED.

Contact Email Guang Gao
Contact Phone: 604-827-3946

Contact Email: Bharat Joshi


Click here to view the rules for use. Only registered users for this system can book online. New users are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the rules as inappropriate access and usage may result in loss of booking privileges.


academic users – $25/hr
corporate users – $50/hr

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