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  • Olympus cell^TIRF system based on Olympus IX83 automated inverted microscope.
  • Cell^TIRF illuminator enable motorized control of TIRF angles, precise adjustment of incident angle and software calculation of penetration depth for different wavelengths.
  • Built on MetaMorph software platform.
  • Three diode-pumped solid-state laser lines – 405nm, 491 nm and 561 nm with simultaneous excitation of two desired lines. Integrated Point FRAP optics for 405nm laser line. Filter sets for epifluorescence – DAPI, GFP and RFP
  • Platform for live cell imaging, full enclosure for temperature control and humidity incubator; no CO2 [can be added on request]
  • Three TIRF objectives – planApo 60X, NA 1.45; UApoN 100X, NA 1.49, WD 0.09mm, Correction collar; and UApoN 150X, NA 1.45, WD 0.07mm, Correction collar
  • Two high performance Photometrics Evolve 512*512 pixels EMCCD cameras equipped with DC2 emission splitting system, for fast acquisition of two spectrally distinct images simultaneously. Acquisition speeds of 33 frames/sec in 512*512 format, 66 frames/sec in 256*256 format and up to 100 frames/sec in smaller formats.
  • Ideal for high speed single molecule imaging and membrane research.

Contact Email Guang Gao
Contact Phone: 604-827-3946

Contact Email: Bharat Joshi


Click here to view the rules for use. Only registered users for this system can book online. New users are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the rules as inappropriate access and usage may result in loss of booking privileges.


academic users – $25/hr
corporate users – $50/hr

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